Let's start off by acknowledging that I'm BLOODY hungry right now.
All I had for dinner was Cintan Perisa Itik. Have you ever tried Cintan Perisa Itik? It's yummy. I always had the impression that ducks are "liat" for some reason, don't ask why.

Anyways, if you plan to watch the Malay movie Gubra, then I recommend you change your plans to something else. Like feed some ducks or watch paint dry (oh so cliche!). I wasted 10 bucks and more importantly 2 hours of my life (oh so nearly another cliche!) by watching this overly dramatic, masyarakat muhibbah berbilang kaum bullshit. I have a few issues with this movie, each of which will be elaborated in the following paragraphs (read with a very formal tone, please).

So I read somewhere that this isn't a sequel to the previous movie Sepet (which I enjoyed). Instead its a story that has characters from the previous movie but in a different timeline. Oh okay.
Hey wait a minute, if that is not the EXACT definition of a sequel, then what is? If it had the characters from the previous movie AND had the same timeline, then it would've been the same bloody movie, wouldn't it? It's confusing for simple folk like me, all this.
Okay, this really should be blamed on the article's writer instead of the movie itself. So fuck you article writer who felt the need to defend this dumb movie by saying its not a sequel when it really is because it has the exact same people in the movie as the first movie.

The movie is excruciatingly SLOW. Should the viewers see the dude walking to the surau, switching on the lights DOWNSTAIRS, then slowly climbs up the stairs, struggle to find the key, opening the door and finally switching the lights UPSTAIRS. The whole scene probably took close to 5 minutes (okay.. maybe 2) and I didn't think that it would've mattered much if we just saw the dude already in the surau. And there were other scenes that I think were supposed to add "dramatic artsy effects" that were just so so slow it annoyed the hell outta me.

Did the Chinese dude just stopped short of saying that he had a BIG BLACK DICK?

Is justifiable to cheat on your wife when your wife goes around touching another dude's naked chest in front of public toilets?

I'm hungry. I can't think more. I'll continue later.

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Anonymous said...

uu .. two days late from reading your blog..watched it already..dang!..well..my friend made me..hehe..had a miserable time in my oncall room,i cannot be alone otherwise the face of him keep wandering around.. so they decided to rescue me and at the same time made me watched gubra..yeah..you right again mate! the whole thing..