Back again.

Blogging is something I do occasionally, apparently. I suppose I'm more of a "as-you-feel" kinda blogger, as opposed to "I'll tell you what happenened in my life today, EVERYDAY!" blogger. Not that there's anything wrong with that. So dear reader(s) or reader (Anonymous, where are you? Missing your comments, ha! I sound like a bloody loser!), in short here's a few random things that I've been planning to write about but were postponed and postponed until eventully I forgot about them. Until now, of course.
Playing golf hurts. Hurts your pocket severely, not to mention the sore arms & hands.

If you're a male Malay dude, you're probably obssesed with the Mitsubishi Evolution. You go, "Whoa.. Evo, Evo!" as one passes by. You're pathetic.

I went to the book fair and bought a kindergarden colourful kiddie cartoony book titled "My First French Word Book". Cute, eh? I plan to learn some French words through this pre-schooler book. Yet another crazy idea.

I've also decided that I'll do my own repair on my FRIEND'S car! Haha. I'll spend a mere RM 130 for a 1990s Mercedes C-Class Haynes Manual. I should be a certified Merc expert once I finish reading this. And this poor bloke's car would be my first specimen.

I hope I get transferred back to KL. I've lost interest in working lately.

I've started jogging every evening, just before I go hitting golf balls at the driving range.

I can't go to the range everyday. I lose my swing. I'm bloody inconsistent. Either that or I just can't pay attention/concentrate too long.

My friend left his electric guitar and amp in my room. I'm practicing crazy ass psychedelic solos every night now.

Seven fucking nil, eh? Followed by a derby win, without Gerrard some more, aiya!

My car guzzles so much fuel. Bloody hell.

When's my trip to Perth? I need a vacation, pronto.

Hasan Merican is kinda cool.

Sure, this all doesn't make any sense. You know why? Cause it's some RANDOM stuff I've been storing in my head for a few weeks now. That's why.
But with a bit of effort, I'm sure at least 50% of this post is relatively understandable.


Anonymous said...

dah lama tak drop by...
kinda feel like starting to write in my blog too..been started the first page for ages..now is the time to continue ..hehe

todek said...

Ehh. You're back!
What's your WEB-Syed address by the way?

Anonymous said...