You can't really trust gadis bertudung nowadays, eh. They'll happily give you fellatio if you play your cards right. You could even record them on your mobile phone, if you're THAT good. It's true. No kidding. But I'm sure you've got at least one of them clips on your high tech phones already, so you know what I'm saying, right??

Hey, what's fellatio? Get a dick-tionary and you'll know.

Hey, there's a band named Machine Gun Fellatio. Check them out. They're kinda weird.


How bad is the show SOCCASTARS MALAYSIA?
Very much. Awful. Horrific. Pathetic.

I watched one of the 6-minute "highlights" just now. The "soccastars" were asked to demonstrate their guitar playing ability and their skills (or lack of) were judged. Whoever got the highest score keeps the guitar.
Hey, wait a minute. What the FUCK is going on here? How does having excellent musical abilities make you a SOCCA STAR??? I don't recall Jimmy Page playing for Chelsea. Or anyone else, for that matter.

Answers on a postcard please. Please.

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Anonymous said...

hey..that one doesn't apply to all..