We're now 3rd.

After a hugely satisfying victory and an excellent display against poor Wigan, coupled with Arsenal pretty boys' unability to answer Bolton's spirited aggression, the Mighty Reds are now third. Back in the top three although the margin with Chelsea is embarassingly huge. Big gaps are not good. Tight ones are better. Always better.

The game itself was a night to remember for our lanky cat-looking (well, at least I think so) Peter Crouchie. First one was an own goal, but the second was quite good really. Nice lob over the keeper. And good control and great long ball prior to that.

Everyone had solid, if not great games. Warnock, initially I feared will cause some panic in our own defence but as the game wore on, he did quite OK. Gerrard & Alonso were controlling the midfield and dare I say it; Harry "what the fuck is going on with my pony tail" Kewell had a decent game as well. I particularly liked his outside of the right foot one touch pass to Morientes in the first half. Class.

All in all, great win. I must say, this is the first time since our Champions League victory that I felt this good after a match. I was practically grinning the whole night.

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