Good News, kinda.

It's not raining anymore. Which is good news. We can watch Astro again.

A few days back, Petronas signed a new deal to continue sponsoring the Formula One team previously known as Team Sauber Petronas but now called Team BMW-Sauber. That's a sweet deal, especially for the Petronas staff, since they'll get 50% off for the next 3 Series that they purchase!!! Fuck yeah! I'll get one of them M3s thanks.

The lads at home have a new craze lately. It's called Saidina.
Yes, dear readers, it's Saidina, our own local (and cheaper) version of Monopoly. It's where you buy Kuala Lumpur & Pulau Pinang (the 2 most expensive "tapak"s), spend a fortune to build up 4 houses, and no one ever lands on your property. Instead they land on the cheap ass hotels on Kangar & Batu Pahat. The game where you don't generate much income buying Sandakan or Teluk Anson, but you'll make a hell lot of money buying Shah Alam, even though they're located side by side. A game where people will still buy Tenaga Nasional & Jabatan Bekalan Air, even though both of them are pretty useless. A game where weird terms like "absahan" appears (on the Keputusan cards).

Saidina sessions usually start at around 8 and can end anywhere between 10 to 12. And that's on a workday. Weekend sessions are more hardcore, and can last until 2 to 3 am. Weird that this simple game is very addictive in its own way and dare I say it's far better than playing Winning Eleven on the Xbox. But that's probably because I'm so retarded playing Winning Eleven and always dibelasah every time.

And oh just so you know, the part about free BMWs is a lie. Please don't go bother your fiendly Petronas station worker and get them to buy you a car. They'll smack you in the head.

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Forty_Two said...

But what about the pet urine in your ad?