Aku Penghibur

I used to think that I'd get a BMW when I have the money. But now I'm not so sure. I'm heavily leaning towards Alfas now, for some unknown reason. Maybe its because it has more character and a hell lot sexier than any German made vehicle. Plus, I'd think an Alfa will pull more chicks than a BMW. I guess different cars have different appeals and express or invoke different emotions. Maybe I'll try and explain it through the use of football players.

An Alfa for example is like Paolo Di Canio or Jay Jay Okocha, full of flair and passion but does not quite reach the absolute top. And prone to be inconsistent once in a while. But surely breathtaking, stunningly sublime and capable of the spectacular. An Audi on the other hand seems like a Steven Gerrard or Gatusso kind of player. Full of drive, aggression and efficiency, with the odd deft touch. They're reliable and to an extent ruthless, not to mention single minded. A BMW is probably like Bergkamp/Sheringham or Tugay/Alonso. All classy, effortless, full of guile and quick thinking.

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