It's 70 bucks now

If you care about oil prices, you'd probably know that it's about US $70 per barrel right now. That's pretty fucking expensive since the price was only around US $30 a little over a year ago.
Which means you'll have to pay more for petrol. And that sucks. But why do we always complain as if we're paying like a million times more than the old price although in reality it's more like a 10 - 20% hike. I guess we just like to complain rather than getting to know how the oil & gas industry works. It's a bit more complicated than just drilling for oil and then selling it.
Well anyways, Selamat Merdeka. If that means anything. I'm a bit irritated at the minister bloke who's annoyed that people aren't putting the flag on their cars. Fuck you. I'll put my flags wherever I want, thank you.
So it's yet another public holiday and to me that translates to another day of lepaking in front of the TV. I'll watch whatever's on. Even Malay dramas. The stories may not change since the 1900s but at least the chicks are getting nicer.

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anisism said...

happy merdeka day to you even if it means stuck-in-front-of-the-tv-watchin-malay-drama-with-improved-chics all night long.

blog hopping lupe bagi salam. salamz. hehe.