Rolls Royce RB211

Did you know that Rolls Royce don't really make cars anymore? Well, they don't make money making cars. But they bloody hell do make money making gas turbines!
I had the chance to have a closer look at not one; but two (!) Rolls Royce gas turbines last week. The RB 211 is hugely impressive, not to mention its enormous size. There's so many tubing that flows lube oil, fuel gas, air etc. I gave up tracing the each line early on when I got stuck at a point where they were too many tubes intersecting. I got lost there. I'm not sure how much power it produces but I think I overhead someone mention 30000. I may be wrong, but it does kinda make sense.
The other engine was the KB7, which is a smaller capacity engine compared to the RB211. The tubing/piping system isn't as complicated and where each tubes starts and ends its relatively easy to locate. They were doing detergent wash while I was there, so I stayed around to see they wash the thing. Its quite cool, really. And you can see how dirty the engine is when its being rinsed off.
The control system of both systems are quite elaborate, using heaps of controller cards and stuff like that which takes me forever to really understand.
Gas turbines are bloody cool, bro

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