Earth Day

Earth Day (22 April) passed without a whiff of notice. There was virtually no publicity whatsoever to promote whis event, save for the one-page special in the NST. This is in stark contrast to the hype given to the absurdly self indulgent "save the environment" affair that is Earth Hour.

Where was the WWF on 22 April? Did they even organise a "Save Mother Nature" program, or at the very least, a gathering to commemorate Earth Day?

Where was 8TV? Did they show any public service ads? Where were the 2-minute long clips with our nation's hippest and most environmental concious-est celebs?

Were the hell was the dreadlocked hippie Reshmonu? Or 8TV CEO Ahmad Izham Omar?

Where the fuck was Reshmonu?

RESHMONU!!! Where are you?

This blatant display of hypocrisy just proves that our so-called "socially responsible" is nothing but a fraud. They'll exploit anything that would generate exposure to themselves and will conveniently drop their commitment when it no longer suits them. And that's why I have a cynical view of anything coming from 8TV, Air Asia and all the other bullshit companies pretending to be oh-so-angelic because I know that they're only doing it because they can make money out of it.

Now, where the hell is Reshmonu?

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