Champions League, First Leg

Liverpool's swashbuckling performances (plus the last minute winner at Fulham) of late was exactly the kind of run that warrants a home stuffing by Chelsea. I'm not being pessismistic but I think that's just about right. We'll be brought back down to Earth in frustrating fashion.

And I am proven right. At 4.38 AM on a Thursday. Early goal. Two headers conceded. Non-existant second half. Baik aku buat kuiz kat Facebook.

Even the 7-million pound goal scoring machine that is Andrea Dossena can't save this.

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FaruqY Madihah-Aiman said...

Ahaha patutla you did the "Miley Cyrus" quiz! The marking for Ivanovic's two headed goals was non-existent, truly unacceptable. Nasib baik I failed to wake up to watch the game. Buat sakit hati je..