The 80's was probably the best time to grow up for the sole reason that back then the cartoons were frickin' AWESOME! However, despite the awesome-ness of these animated adventures, no one seems to know how any of the them ended.

Some pressing questions requiring immediate answers....

What ever happened to Lion-O? Did he finally kill Mum-Ra? If I'm not mistaken there was a 2nd generation of Thundercats, how did that tie-in with the original team?

How did Sabre Rider & the Star Sheriffs end?

What happened in the Japanese version of Transformers i.e. Head Masters?

Did Teddy Ruxpin (the bear endlessly on an air balloon) get to wherever he was supposed to go?

Did Kakeru (of Kickers) win the World Cup?

How did Voltron end?

What happened to Jem?

Where the hell is Grandizer now?

Why were there different incarnations of Cobra Commander? And who led the GI Joes? Was Sargeant Slaughter character based on the WWF wrestler or vice versa?

M.A.S.K ended with...................?

Remember Visionaries?

How did the Smurfs end?

Answers please......


pyanski said...

haha aku pun tak tau mcm mana aku boleh terjebak layan teddy ruxpin jugak

farock said...

1) mum ra is the ever living. cannot die. 2nd generation tu addition je, ada bengal tiger etc. original team still there

2) disbanded. saber rider is way too cool to hangout with the other guys.

3) tak tengok the jap version

4) teddy ruxpin tak tengok. paddington bear aku ingat la

5) like other jap sports-related cartoon/tv series (slamdunk, moero attack) they only go up to inter-school (MSSM) level

6) not sure on this. theres a 2nd generation where theres a shitload of small vehicles merging into voltron. but not as cool as the lion-based voltron

7) went solo a la beyonce. another theory is she materialised into human form as the singer jem

8) in retirement as a coin-operated ride in various shopping malls. saw one in sogo some time ago.

9) i thought theres only one cobra commander. the KKK dude. the snake-headed dude is called something else

10) dunno what happened to Mask. my favourite of the lot.

11) visionaries has way too many characters for a 5 yr old kid to handle. can u remember any of their names? ratings (and action figure sales) dropped and was scrapped by the network

12) the whole species slowly died out as there's only 1 chick to go around

13) no He Man??

todek said...

Hahaha. Kau ingat jugak.

There were 2 Cobra Commanders, if I recall correctly. One with a veil and the other had a metallic mask.

Oh yeah, I forgot about He-Man with its subliminal gay messages. Not really a big fan.
Remember Bravestarr??

How about Macross, Mospeada or their American-ised cousin; Robotech?

The 1st generation (the love triangle between Rick Hunter, Lisa & that Asian chick) was the best, followed by the 3rd generation (they had a cross dresser!! i.e. Yellow Dancer or something). Hated the 2nd gen, tanks & shit.

... and Sabre Rider always gets the girl! Must be the mechanical horse.

Pyan: Aku pun tak sure apsal aku ingat Teddy Ruxpin!

farock said...

kau lupa Captain Power & the soldiers of the future la

hands down the coolest kids show ever. i'd still watch it today if its on telly