New Year

It's New Year's eve, and as usual...... I don't have any plans. I'll probably just sit at home with my wife, watching Cicak-Man, Room Raiders or some other equally loser show on TV. Why bother going out? It's going to rain anyways.
And I really don't feel like squeezing through a crowd of sweaty Mat Rempits and noisy Ching Chong Chengs in the middle of Bukit Bintang

Moving on, my New Year's resolution are as follows:
  1. Be a loving husband and good bloke
  2. Spend less and save more
  3. Learn to play the guitar (3 years in a row and I still SUCK!)
  4. Not celebrate a 5-1 win over Newcastle in a Southport club and get arrested for bashing up the club's DJ
  5. Boycott Yasmin Ahmad's bullshit films
  6. Read more
  7. Be a YES man, YES man, YES man
  8. Poke friends on Facebook and play Elven Blood (or whatever it's called)
  9. Continue my Legends of CM post part 2,3,4,5,6 & 7.
  10. Learn to iron properly

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fat ollie said...

hey todek.i googled za altera to find out where the other branches are so my friend, who's currently back in kl can send my dress for alteration (alteration in melbourne is quite exie).quite a number of links came up and one of them was ur blog.i read thru all the 2009 posts...dang todek!!i find u so amusing, damn right ur sarcastic and funny!not to mention your english is so good and polished!im quite embarrassed to write this actually coz though ive been in melb for like 6 years now, i suck at this stupid language.ok enuf about me, back to u.its 2010, gimme some good stuff to read. p/s;im not really a blog person (only read fashion blogs tho), but ur writings keep me goin.cheers mate. :)