Hmm.. where do I begin?

Street demonstrations are the in-thing right now. It's so cool even lawyers are doing it. But I'm sure you're thinking, "Hmm... I want to jump on this demonstration bandwagon, but I don't know how...". Well, boys & girls, here's how:

Firstly, you need to apply for a permit, which is kind of useless since it will definitely be denied, but it doesn't matter since you'll be on the streets protesting anyway. And then the police will come and throw a bit of tear gas at you, but as a first rate protester, you won't let this bother you.

No, not at all. Instead, you heroically pick up the tear gas bomb and throw it back to the "hanya menurut perintah" gentleman while shouting "Bersih-kan parlimen!" or "Hindraf-kan kerajaan!" or whatever the fuck you say when you hurl tear gas at cops. And then you get caught. Al-Jazeera of course will be there, capturing every minute of your moment of glory on video, broadcast the footage on TV and even YouTube and then hey, you're famous. Then, some old geezer who runs the ministry of TV would shout at Al-Jazeera blokes (or lasses), accusing them of unfair, biased reporting while the lady on the other side calmly asks "But why was the assembly illegal, sir?".

I'll tell you why. Ini bukan budaya kita! And you show footage of some random riot overseas and repeatedly flash the preachy-ish message of INI BUKAN BUDAYA KITA, probably hoping that your viewers have the same idiotic view as you do. Of course it's not our bloody budaya, it's not even anyone's budaya for fuck's sake. As if there are countries who actually think riots & demonstrations embrace & enrich their culture. Are you seriously retarded?

Musa Hitam shares the same view. Or do I share the same view as the Moose? Ok, I stole his ideas... but still, its so bloody obvious that you just can't disagree with the man.

The End.


Anonymous said...

true, seems like every weekend there is a street protest planned, as hishamuddin said "mesti ada dalang di sebalik perhimpunan2 haram yg terancang ini".

the gov should set up a "dataran pemimpin" (mcm kat koleq) or "dataran pemprotes" for any entity to properly protest in peace. saves time, controlled environment, does not endanger the public, does not create traffic jams and no more roadblocks.

alfaizal said...

I'm salivating at the idea of a console game with player as the role of Malaysian street protester, utilising the Grand Theft Auto game engine. It'll make Gamecenter game of the year.

genie said...

dah lama tak drop by.. hey you..

todek said...

hey genie. thanks for dropping by

frck said...

aku taktau apa org cakap kat wordpress so im seeking solace here. bila nak pegi satay? make sure adi tak bawak pegi kedai2 dodgy aku dah twice kena food poisoning this week. im never touching ayam masak merah at kenduris ever again haha

todek said...

Haha! Kau pun sakit perut ke? Must be the chilly Cameron air, habis ayam masuk angin.

Adi, I know you're bound to read this at some point, so jangan la malu malu nak reply.

Farock, ko tak tau tempat satay best ke?

genie said...

satay? R&Z setiawangsa

frck said...

todek. tolong email/fcbk msg ur hp no. phone aku rosak ah. ur in town ka?

satay samuri aku tau la. kedai2 indie kena tanya adi