Tangkap Anjing

This is old news.

Did you hear about the dog catching competition in Selayang?
Well, a few geniuses decided that a super cool dog hunting event was just the perfect solution to reduce the number of stray dogs in Selayang.
I don't know how the organisers would monitor or control the manner in which these dogs are to be captured, but I have a feeling that these dogs would be treated rather cruelly.
Unsurprisingly, the SPCA (or those Cruelty Against Animals organisations) immediately launched a protest against this inhumane and somewhat barbaric act.

Khir Toyo also had concerns about this dog catching competition, but apparently he was more worried that the organisers offered too much cash for the winners.


faruqy said...

I think that this idea can actually work, if executed properly. No individual participants should be allowed; instead the residents' associations should form their team of dog-catchers who would then be trained by proper dog-catchers on how to capture the strays in a humane manner. Then set a specific date and time for the "hunt" to be carried out, and make sure that a rep from organizations such as the SPCA accompanies each team.

Kalau sesiapa je boleh masuk and without any form of training and monitoring, memang akan bermasalah.

So what do you think?

Nadrul Shaqman said...

i think this method can be used kat koleq je...