So Long, Jose

The "Special One" has finally left Stamford Bridge. A real big loss, not only for Chelsea but also for the whole league.
The arrival of Mourinho onto the scene had taught me that Jose is not necessarily pronounced "Ho-se", sometimes it's pronounced exactly how it is spelt. (spelt? or spelled?)

Mourinho would probably be a boss that I'd like to work under. He doesn't give a shit about anything else apart from his work, doesn't take bullshit from his boss (or anyone else for that matter), speaks his mind, extremely focused on work. And you know that he'll be able to take care of business and will always have your back.
Sure, he's cocky as hell, but hey, that's cool with me. And he gets away with it.

Now he's replaced by some obscure Israeli. How exciting.


farock said...

I think jose is how you pronounce it in portuguese. it'd be hose if he's spanish. judging by his cv i doubt avram grant could bring sexy back to the bridge like what abramovich ordered. but he wont face the axe cos they are jewish buddies. without mourinho's robotic precision expect those grinding 1-0 away wins turn into draws. in the january window lampard, terry and cashley cole will head for la liga. chelsea will be languishing in mid table. and manyoo will suddenly get back the 50000 fans they lost when a certain russian came to town. from a gooner's point of view it is bloody exciting

ikan kering said...

darl, who's the cute guy at Chelsea?
Ada tak?
How come i dont recollect any?

todek said...

Dear ikan kering,

That's a tricky question, but I'll answer it anyway, in the most non-gay manner possible.

I don't know who's THE cute guy at Chelsea, but it's probably either Lampard or Joe Cole.

Definitely not Ben Haim.

adi said...

with jose gone, so it's back to either man utd, liverpool, arsenal. Anything else?

But liverpool, ape da? rotate rotate. the more rotation, the more man utd and arse-anal going to leave liverfools at the back!

but i bet chelsea would lower than the you guys.

todek said...

Yeah, rotation is so gay anyway.
You should let the best players play all the time.

We'll still be better than United AND Arsenal though. Haha!

faruqy said...

I think Liverpool's "indispensables" are Reina, Carra, Stevie G and Torres. I would go bonkers if Rafa decides to drop Torres against Wigan this weekend after his awesome performance against Reading!

I would have to admit though, that I was initially skeptical about whether Torres would be a success at Liverpool. Prior to him joining Liverpool, he has never been a player who I would like to see don a 'Pool jersey. But so far, he's proving to be a great buy by Rafa. Here's to hoping that he will be the one to fire us to the title!

genie said...

torres is gorgeous ... *sigh*

todek said...

Gorgeous pun useless jugak kalau tak score! :(
Reds are getting worse with each game. Benitez can start packing his bags already. Main bola complex sangat.

circulos said...