The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain

ManU : Hey, can I come and play at your house?

MSian : Yeah, sure. I like you.

ManU : But you have to pay me. A lot. Like a million dollars.

MSian : No problem, I don’t mind. I’m a big fan of yours. I watch you play week in, week out. I even have your shirt. A bit overpriced, but what the heck. I love you guys.

ManU : I know you and your friends love us. That’s why we’re coming there. So we could “give” back to the community. And you can buy even more overpriced merchandise. Our American sugar daddies would love that. It’s a huge marketing promotion! Can you imagine how much money we’re getting here?

MSian : I don’t mind. I think you guys are awesome!!

ManU : Oh by the way, a few of the senior blokes can’t come. So we’ll bring our reserve lads instead. But even with the reserve team, I think we'll still be too strong for you. Hahah.

Azalina : Ohh, please please come here and play!! I have no idea about sports, but I don’t care. This’ll promote tourism!

ManU : Fuck tourism. We just want our million quid. Now.

FAM : Hey. You can't come here and play. I’ve already invited our neighbours. We can’t have too many guests here.

MSian : I don't want our less glamorous neighbours!! I want overpaid superstars. They’re much cooler. And who cares about our team anyway? It's not like they're going to win anything.

Azalina : Let MU come. Listen to me. I’m a politician.

PLah : Hmmm.... I like MU. I hope they come. I'm sleepy. Oh well, back to sleep. Zzzz.....


evy g said...


today's most valuable lesson -if ppl wont let u correct ur mistake, then read blogs. at least u KNOW ur wasting time upfront.

tzarain said...

how come Liverpool doesn't come to Malaysia as regularly as Man United, eh?

todek said...

I don't know.
I guess having CARLSBERG printed on the shirt doesn't help either.

Plus, if I wanted to see the Reds play, it has to be at Anfield.

faruqy said...

hahaha good one, toddekk. f**king hilarious. so toddekk, bila nak pi anfield ni? got any spare RM5k lying around?