I don't mind if I do, actually

I’m not anal or anything, but nothing annoys the fuck out of me than bad spelling in emails. Before that, let’s be clear. There’s wrong spelling and there’s atrociously BAD spelling. Wrong spelling is usually associated with unfamiliar words, and are unintentional, such as misspelling the word “churrigueresco”. I can accept that. Some words are just tricky, and are just bloody difficult to spell; you’re bound to screw up once in a while.

But what’s worse is BAD spelling. I just got an “official” work email which had so many bad spellings that I gave up reading half way. Example: Instead of could this bloke wrote cud, for = 4, thanks = thx, have to = hafta. While this may seem OK in an SMS, it’s quite preposterous to find these words in a proper, business email.

I don’t know why this annoys me so much.

I guess its because I find misspelling simple words unacceptable. I would be embarrassed if my emails were filled with SMS lingo, even more if the emails were sent to outside parties.

And how the fuck can you not spell COULD properly?

Bad grammar – I can slightly tolerate. Nobody has perfect grammar.
Bad spelling – It’s unforgivable.

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