How does it feel to think that you're important, significant, crucial relative to others, only to find out that you're just as dispensable as the rest? Quite depressing, I guess.
Being more important than the next person implies that you're better than him, and being better than others makes you feel good. Your ego is boosted tremendously and a sudden surge of confidence flows through you.
However, you come crashing back down to Earth when you discover that, really, you're not that special after all.


How is allocating money (that you suddenly have) for an urgent road paving job weeks before an election not considered vote buying?
How do expect the opposition (who has significantly less financial resources than you do) to compete with that?

I may be shallow, but even I know that this is just a load of bollocks.


evy G. said...

hear, hear!

faruqy said...

Somebody wrote the other day that he plans to contest in the next general election as an independent candidate, promising nothing to voters but to resign as soon as he's elected. Why?

So that a by-election will be held, of course. And that means lots of goodies for the rakyat. Heh

todek said...

Yes, faruqy. I read the same NST article as you did.
Quite a brilliant idea, I must say.

faruqy said...

samy vellu had the cheek to claim that all the development going on in ijok has been planned for a long time already. yeay right whatever