Top Ten Reasons Why I’m NOT a Good Catch

And here's my self-deprecating list of why I'm such a horrible catch.

1. I'm not a "people" person

2. I hate overly friendly strangers

3. I don't know how to play pool

4. I take the piss of everything

5. I swear

6. I'm moody

7. I mock people

8. I don't eat my veggies (and utterly despise any form of salad)

9. Sometimes, I read gossip magazines (My sister's, I swear!)

10. I know next to nothing about computers, gadgets, gizmos, cars, etc.


Ladydin said...

You missed one. *Based on no.10)

11. I lie when it suits me...

todek said...

Yes, apparently I do lie when it suits me.

evil genius said...

aha! now this one is more interesting...

since u're letting the cat out of the bag, might as well add the following;

12. I have commitment issues.
13. I act like a juvy a lot though I'm way past adolescence.
14. I dislike talking abt serious stuff.
15. I am difficult to decipher esp. since I don't talk abt my feelings.


todek said...

Oh God. What have I done? Am already regretting this.

This is depressing.

evil genius said...

and oh one more thing..Nos 1, 2 & 9 are pluses. u should remove them, really.

Ladydin said...

Looks like people know you more than u know urself. dangerous stuff man, to start this. Girls, better know now than later! LOL

adi said...

Padan muka! That's why there's such thing as man to man talk which normally takes place at mamak stall or ... and for the girls... girl talks over at coffee bean/starbucks/gloria jeans or on their beds.

But to admit and know thyself, it's always better!

welcome back anyway