Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons Why I'm a Good Catch

I thought I might just get away with this very tongue-in-cheek list. But just in case I don’t, I think I’ve practiced my stony, emotionless expression well enough to face the endless (future) mocking by my mates. I’m well prepared.

So, here it goes…

1. I’m a decent looking, well mannered, soft spoken, respectful bloke.

2. I have a cynical sense of humour.

3. I’m cheeky.

4. I take the piss of everything

5. I have an impeccable taste in music.

6. I’m never drunk.

7. I know a LOT about sports. A self proclaimed expert, as a matter of fact

8. I read.

9. I like shopping.

10. I like ikan keli and seri muka (believe me, this IS a legitimate reason!)


lillix said...

Those are very good reasons . heh

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