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I may have mentioned it somewhere in here that I rate 2 under-appreciated, non-Liverpool players playing in the Premiership - Tugay & Van Persie. And over the past few games, they've put impressive performances that I feel, have proven that they are genuinely class players. Van Persie, especially, has been absolutely amazing, scoring a hatful of goals, most of them being true gems. And he makes it look bloody easy.

Tugay is old, but he's cool with me though he's a bit unfortunate to have the name tu-GAY. Still, he bossed the midfield against the Reds, showing Gerrard & Alonso how it should be done. Damn you Tugay.

And speaking of the Reds, apart from the disastrous outing at Blackburn, we're doing alright, I guess. Crouch still needs to learn how to head properly, Gonzalez needs a huge kick in the arse for being such a complete waste of space, Alonso needs to be not so lembik, and Riise, as always, needs to realise he can use his right foot too.


farock said...

cant argue with your assessment of rvp. look no further than his beauty against charlton. you'd bet your grandma that lesser players would've whacked the ball in 99% of the time.

there's a real buzz around this new-look gunners team. even that lanky sod adebayor is exciting

farock said...

oh. not forgetting tugay's masterful dummy over Stevie G MBE before making that outrageous pass to the left flank

FaruqY said...

stevie g's daughter was admitted to the hospital the day of the blackburn game, so that's probably why he wasn't at his impervious best in that game.. read this in a forum..

true, the gunners is a very exciting side.. but i still feel that they lack a fighter, a player that can impose himself physically in tough games against such sides as shitty bolton.. even gilberto can be a bit lightweight at times..

can't wait for the FA and league cup ties with arse! oh damn henry's back!

farock said...

well i dont see any of the scouse fighters putting in any sort of challenge to stop rosicky fgrom unleashing his second past dudek.
and carragher never stood a chance against thierry henry in full flight.
although i must say the scoreline's a bit flattering to the gooners.

todek said...

Can't defend the disgraceful performance at all. Spoiled my day, this.

FaruqY said...

haha true, the defending for arse's 2nd goal was truly appalling! damn!!