Budak Zaman Sekarang

Apparently, there's an indie movie (well, as indie as you can get in Malaya) entitled "Budak-budak Zaman Sekarang". Or maybe its called "Haru Biru". I don't remember. But I recall reading the phrase "Budak-budak Zaman Sekarang" somewhere on a movie poster.

Anyways, talking about "zaman sekarang", isn't it absurd that children nowadays have a very poor standard of cartoon series to enjoy on a Saturday morning? Honestly, today's cartoons aren't the way they used to be. And these poor sods don't even know what they're missing. I pity them.

We used to have GREAT cartoons like Thundercats, Voltron, Macross, Transformers and bla bla bla. Now we have bullshit like Jackie Chan Kung Fu Dragon and Utaru Go Kindeki Asauro Japanese anime turd. And even though they still have Transformers, it's now a version thats so completely different from the original series its just embarrassing. The new version doesn't have Soundwave, who's got the best voice EVER!

I tried questioning my 10 year old cousin on his cartoon knowledge.

Me : Pernah tengok Thundercats tak?
Cousin : Hah? Tak tau.
Me : Voltron?
Cousin : Apa tu?
Me : Habis tu kau tengok cartoon ape?
Cousin : Mon-Colle Knights.
Me : What the fuck?


Master of Evil Genius said...

ahaha! am i the only person who thinks the dialogue's funny? hmmm...

btw, i see that u've got quite a following in here...

as well as a couple of rather "intriguing" entries...*rubbing my chin & wrinkling my forehead*

todek said...

Ah! Finally. Someone who gets it. Been waiting for a comment on this for ages.

I think I need to know you better. a/s/l? ;)
How'd you get here?

Btw, which entries were the "intriguing" ones?

master of evil genius said...

found this url in URTV - in "ruangan mencari kenalan".

don't think it wise to expose myself. oh well what the heck,
a: 26 this Sep 19
s: was a woman, now proudly a man (got my sex (legally) changed in Iran)
l: d'sara, specifically bandar sri.

Happy?!" ;)

leave u to figure out which ones i found intriguing (maybe a tad suspicious too). should be fairly obvious...

todek said...

Oh, they post blog URLs in URTV now, eh? Right... Probably next to a photo of Norlia Ghani or something.

Too bad that you're now a man, 'cause if you weren't, I'd ask you out! Hahaha

And they're not "fairly obvious", I don't think. But I'll find out, one way or the other.

evil genius said...

no offense but were I still a woman, a normal straight woman, i wouldnt want to date you pon. you're not exactly my type. *smug*