Between MySpace Bands & Housekeeping

Let's say you have a band. And your band has a MySpace page. And on your MySpace page you put up a few of your songs. And after more than a year you hear from Rolling Stone that they've picked your band as one of their top 25 MySpace bands for 2006. How'd you feel? Fucking awesome, I'd think. This is exactly what happened to the band Couple. Click here. Their music is happy, nice, honest. And they're way better than those pretentious wankers Pop Shuvit. And the guitarist is way cuter too (it's a she by the way, before you get any ideas..)

So today I ended up doing a lot of housekeeping work. It all started off with me reminiscing about the good old days, more specifically, the time when I, for a short period of time, had golden blond hair. As soon as I thought about that, I wanted desperately to find some photos to remind me how ridiculously stupid I looked. But, unfortunately, seeking photos from the past, is a tiring task, at least at my house, since I have no idea where I've stashed all of my "student days" belongings. I had to go through every single box, container, cupboard, shelf in my house to find this precious piece of memorabilia.

And I'm glad to say that finally I did manage to find some photos during my "blond era". Gosh, I do look bloody dumb. Haha. I hope you got that.

Anyways, while I was busy punggah punggah all the stuff from all over the place, I found some other items that I've nearly forgotten existed. Or items that I thought were gone. And that made me feel happy. It's like discovering a long lost treasure, only that no one appreciates the value except for yourself. I was so engrossed in punggah memunggah barang barang, that I didn't realise I've spent close to 2 hours doing it.

But it's time well spent. I found my Form 1 Salasilah Keluarga project, my Form 3 (is it?) Geografi project, 1998 koleq mag, photos of exes (though I couldn't look at them for too long, feels weird as hell), a photo of Geoff Rowley that I took during a Volcom skate demo, my old video cam mini DV tapes, an old CD that I burned that had many many video clips, my MAS deck of cards, my thesis CD, my "missing CDs", photos of my KDU days, my old encyclopedia that I used to read everyday when I was a child, my old baju bundle. And the list goes on.

I'm so excited that I've found all these items. Glad I did my housekeeping...

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