Seri Muka Update

I can't find a decent seri muka. At least not in Sri Damansara. Fuck it. I give up. Maybe I need to go to Kuching.

But now I have another massive craving for berbuka.

I want to eat cakoi. I hope you know what I'm talking about. Cakoi - those soft long fried bread-ish sticks that's amazingly pleasant when eaten panas panas. And cicah with kaya.
Fortunately I am going to balik kampung this weekend, and they have the best cakoi there!! I can't wait.

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Ladydin said...

Giving up? Have you searched all over KL and that vast West Malaysian land? Come over to Kuching then, before it's too late!

yeah i know cakoi... who doesnt? i know a place here (again, Kuching) where they sell really good cakoi. very popular in fact that if u come past 11am, u wont see it anymore. Halal some more. I'm weird, but if u dipped in hot coffee... yumm...