Pickup all the names you've dropped

I will be name dropping a lot in this post, so beware. If you happen to be the uncool dude who doesn't know who/what I am referencing, feel free to Google or Wikipedia any of the unfamiliar names. You need to know them to be as cool as me! Really.

I'm in a 90's mode right now. But one thing you should know is that I only really experienced the 90's in 2000, when I started uni. I mean, I only watched all the 90's movies in the year 2000, a whole bloody decade late. Oh well. As they say, better late than never.

Out of the blue, suddenly today I felt the urge to re-watch all the 90s classics once again. 90s classics = Kevin Smith. Here are the movies that I feel like watching:

A classic Kevin Smith movie which revolves around two blokes: A convenience store dude (who's not supposed to work that day) and his next door neighbour/buddy a complete arsehole of a person, video store attendant.

This movie marks the acting debut of skater Jason Lee. It has Jay & Silent Bob performing Jedi mind tricks. Yet another Kevin Smith movie.

Chasing Amy
Joey Lauren Adams has a superbly sexy voice. A movie about how boys can't just be friends with girls. Kevin Smith, again.

Empire Records
This is just a feel good movie about a record store. Not a Kevin Smith movie, but it has it moments. And Liv Tyler.

The Big Lebowski
The Dude is so cool.

And to really capture the spirit of 90's teen movies what better than to play Evan Dando/The Lemonheads as the official background soundtrack of the week.

The Lemonheads have a new self titled album out. And this time ex-members of The Descendents are in the band. I like the Descendents. They play fun happy FAST songs. But for some reason, I always get them confused with the Adolescents.


Reel Fanatic said...

Mallrats is easily one of the most underrated movies of all time ..it's consistently funny and entertaining, which is just about all i ask for in a movie

lillix said...

i love Empire records!

Ladydin said...

Watched Chasing Amy too, not only did Joey Laurens has a sexy voice, she got a hot stare as well! And watched Mallrats... kinda like Titanic of its time (to the right group). And Liv Tyler in Empire Records. Wish i had her blush... SO, does that make me as cool as you? Haha. i think u missed out some of the more good ones.

todek said...

Please enlighten me with the "better" ones... keeping in mind I don't fancy anything that even has the slightest hint of seriousness at all, not now.

I really think these movies are the absolute best mindless happy comedy funny witty type of thing that I'm into.

Ladydin said...

Money Talks? (of charlie sheen fame)

Hot Shots! Part Deux ? (used to watch this before semester exams, to de-stress. Also Charlie Sheen, u said mindless happy comedy right? how about hilarious?)

I also thought Tombstone (kurt russel, val kilmer)was good kind of funny inspite of it being a shoot-to-kill western crime-fighting story.

seriously todek, there's MANY MORE...

pyanski said...

haha this list reminds me of Good Will Hunting, which reminds me of an English essay exam back in koleq where we were asked to write about something like the person i admire the most.

and our friend here Mr Todek brilliantly wrote about the street-smart Will Hunting.

GWH - probably the best movie of the 90's. eh, maybe Forrest Gump. No, maybe Shawshank. man, I can't decide..

lillix said...

Detroit Rock City.. that's cool

todek said...

Hey, did I?
I probably did write about Will Hunting, can't recall whether it's true.
But I remember there was another exam type of essay thing where I wrote about Teddy Sheringham! This was the season when he left Spurs to United.