World Cup, Stringfellow, bla bla

The World Cup is over, and almost all of my regular blog stops have dedicated at least one whole post to cerita about the World Cup final. I'll probably just make it a half post, firstly, since its been nearly a week since the game and secondly, you probably have read this on every damn blog too.
I just wanted to say how sad it is to see Zidane bow out of the game in such a disgraceful manner. Regardless of what Materazzi - the former Evertonian said, Zizou should've kept his cool. But having said that, in a weird way I understand and even admire what he did. If anything, it shows that everyone is a little messed up somewhere in the head. Everyone, even the football wizard Zidane himself, is human after all. And that comforts me. Zidane is definitely someone I look up to, and I need my heroes to show that while they're brilliant at what they do, they'll do something crazy once in a while. They're fucked up a little. I prefer to call it "character". Character adds to the charisma of a person. Plus, "perfect" blokes are boring and dull. Just like Lampard.
Anyways, congratulations to Italy. Well deserved. I was a temporary Italy supporter that night, by the way, so I tumpang enjoy sekali la.

Alright, thats the World Cup.

Here's another story:

I just went to this "rock/indie/whatever" show last night. It was a relatively low key affair, the crowd was a mix of young & old, the place was small but cosy, the bands were friendly and close.
There's this local band named Couple. I've heard of them before but never really listened to any of their songs. But their performance last night truly impressed me. They play a bunch of happy sing-y song-y, Weezer-ish kind of music with a healthy dose of "aha ahaha"s in the choruses. Kids nowadays call it power pop or something. I liked the band and I liked their performance, that's all that matters, not power pop or soda pop or whatnot. You should check them out. They're good. Trust me. Go buy the CD. Oh, they also have a chick playing the guitar. Just thought that'll get your attention. Plus, I'm a sucker for girls who play guitars.

The main act was this American dude named Ken Stringfellow. I must admit, going to the show I had absolutely no idea who this bloke is. Honestly, I just went there cause I didn't have anything else to do, and I'd been wanting to listen to a real live band for ages now. Anyways, up comes this lanky American and straight away he cheekily says "You got good hospitals here" while pointing to his heavily bandaged elbow. Apparently dude cut his elbow a few days back but didn't bother to properly clean the wound and eventually the wound got badly infected until he had to go to the hospital to get it sorted.
"Sorry, but really I've only got one arm tonight. Hopefully everything goes well. I'm Ken Stringfellow. I'm up here to play some songs for you. Hope that's alright."
Straight away I can sense that this dude is a bit goofy. And funny. Oh, it's gonna be fun.
And fun it was.
Stringfellow is a singer songwriter dude who is also in a band called the Posies. I didn't have a clue who the Posies are, so right now I'm reading all about them on the Internet. You know, doing some homework.
Stringfellow's awesome vocals, coupled with the
sparse guitar arrangement managed to captivate the audience, who were evidently savouring the mellow and melancholic mood Stringfellow had set. Literally everyone was like "terpaku", clearly impressed and enjoying Stringfellow's superb and passionate show. It almost brought a tear to my eye.
I can safely say that 90% of the crowd did not have any clue whatsoever about Stringfellow prior to the show, but I can guarantee every single one of them will start knowing him more as soon as the show's finished.
All in all, it was a great way to spend the evening. Hope to do this again sometime soon.
Nothing beats good music.
Hmm, except a Liverpool game, definitely.


FaruqY said...

yupp, good music will always come second to Liverpool's games!

so this Stringfellow guy, dia ada buat album yang dijual di Malaysia ke?

and where do you think Liverpool will finish in the league this seasoon? I want to believe that we'll end up as champions, but realistically I'm thinking 2nd..

Apa-apapun we'll definitely finish higher than the Toffees and the Manures!

Anonymous said...

ahh.. so where is this show?

todek said...

Stringfellow: Probably not. Nak download pun susah, so I won't put my hopes high on finding any of his (or the Posies) albums anywhere here.

Liverpool: We'll be champs. (Ahh, you gotta love the optimism)

Last night's show was at this quiet bar called Little Havana - in Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Zarin@Beng said...

Apa-apapun we'll definitely finish higher than the Toffees and the Manures!

hmm... toffees ada kemungkinan la. tapi manu? sori la bros. heheh...

Ladydin said...

i play a guitar... *wink*

in fact, i know many other chicks (as u call them), who can play better than a guy.

Anonymous said...

Chics playing guitar huh.hmm.interesting.. And yeah.(since i wasnt a liverpool fan).nothing beats good music..(still havent recovered from coldplay fever)

Anonymous said...

Aiyaa.why got another anonymous here.must change to lillix aa after this

todek said...

Hmm, apparently we have multiple anonymous(es) here.
Hope this one gets sorted soon.

And I'm certainly one of the "guys" who's worse than ladydin's guitar playing chick (as I call them) acquaintances.