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I don't usually read newspapers. I don't watch the news either. Therefore, most of the time I wouldn't have a clue as to what's happening in the world. You can say that I am an ignorant bastard, more or less.
But recently, I had the sudden enthusiasm to read newspapers. Maybe it's out of boredom due to my ever depleting interest in work, or maybe its just a miracle, that's causing this "out of the blue" interest in local news. Yes, apparently there's so much to love about our local news, and it gets more exciting with each passing day. So, to prove that I actually know a bit of what's happening in good 'ol Malaya, here's a few of my top news picks for the past month:

Dr M v Pak Lah
This has been going on for a while now. Quite honestly, Dr M raised some interesting to say the least questions which until now have not been properly answered (or in Pak Lah's case not answered at all). I don't really know where I stand on this one as new things keep popping up everyday, adding more ??? to the already not-so-straightforward issue. And on the other side you have all these ministers declaring "support" and vowing to "explain" those queries. I need not say more, it's all over the blog scene - Screenshot, Rocky's Bru, Malaysiakini, etc. Go and spend hours reading those site. Go now. Shoosh.

I wanted a Merc MP
This dude is a complete douche bag. First it was the "balak" case, now he's going all over the place accusing the Customs of some rather "dodgy practices". And more recently, the crybaby like bullshit of "I didn't get a cheap Merc, instead I got some useless crap". Dude's a tosser. I'm not convinced that the Customs is clean either, but a different, non-self embarassing approach would be much much better for Jasin (bukan nama sebenar). Am I getting sued for this? I'm too insignificant for all that.

Mawi putus tunang / Siti kawin Datuk K
Not "real" news, more suited to URTV or Utusan Malaysia yet it still made the (relatively) front pages of all major newpapers (English & Malay, perhaps Chinese & Tamil too). My mum loves this stuff. And probably, so does your mum. Mawi apparently has turned into this "lupa daratan, lupa asal usul, kisah si Tanggang" character just because he putus tunang. To be frank, I've expected the "putus tunang" to happen earlier. But that's probably because I'm just being cynical.
The "is she or isn't she" story of Siti kawin Datuk K seems to have cooled down since the putus tunang news broke. It still deserves a mention though. I guess old blokes with thick moustaches are HOT STUFF!! And oh, being rich also helps.

Lina Joy Murtad
This is another relatively low profile story but you can read the day by day trial updates in the papers. Quite interesting stuff here.

And if you've been surfing the blogs I mentioned above, you could probably guess there's a bit of tension between certain people and a certain news daily. I don't quite understand the whole issue but you can feel the tense vibe reading those blogs. Anyone care to summarise & explain?

So in conclusion, read the papers. And then read the blogs. Apparently papers tell lies. Its true. I read it in the blogs. But the blogs are also lies. So how ah?


pyanski said...

"I don't usually read newspapers"

haha ko biar benar. aku ingat kau ialah orang nombor dua paling suka baca paper in 4sc2 lepas Beng hehe.

yeah, that jasin MP is such a douch e-bag.

Anonymous said...

Mr todek.somehow.my local network blocked me from surfing through blogspot and fotopages.chait.thats including yours.so its been a while since the last time ive parked here.u've changed the tagline also ha.nice stories u got here..heh.anyway.france or italy?

todek said...

Well.. dulu la aku suka baca paper. Zaman takde internet. Tu pun baca the sports pages je.. haha.
Now I guess dah tua, so kena la ambik tahu sikit pasal the front pages la pulak.

France or Italy? Italy.
But I'll still cheer for Zidane, though.

Ladydin said...

They're banking in on Mawi's fame, tho i dont see the point in it too. Everyone in their right mind wudve guessed that wudve happened, esp after that reported incidence where he went fishing, literally, and gave the fish to another girl. What was that all about?

just happened to check in here after i googled the 'mawi' story (missed that in the paper, was too busy reading about the MPs bickering in the house of parliment).

nice stuff. with a profile reading ... "Dashing, brilliant & charming young man blessed with amazing good looks and wicked sense of humour who can be cynical & sarcastic ..." I just couldnt resist.

todek said...

Hmm.. why doesn't MY fishing trips end up with me getting the girl??

And..maybe I should add "irresistable" to my profile too?

Ladydin said...

...coz u cant fish? hahaha

u can try, but i think the current profile works just fine. look at me back here again! :-)