World Cup so far

I'm mightily impressed by two players in the World Cup so far. I think Riquelme and Van Persie are excellent players. Riquelme has proven that he is definitely the classiest and best player in the Argentinian team, head and shoulders above the rest, a certain Mr Messi included. He makes everything look easy, sprays the ball all over the field, has an eye for the killer pass, has excellent control and movement. Truly an elegant player.
On the other hand, I am quite surprised that van Persie is impressing me. Robben may be getting the headlines, but van Persie is the type of player that I admire. He's another classy player that relies more on quick thinking and excellent vision to play the game, rather than utilising pace to terrorise opponents. There's never a touch too many, everything is measured and delivered just right. Too bad he plays for Arsenal.
Looking forward to find some more gem players in the upcoming matches.
Enjoy your football everyone.

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