Singapore is a foreign country

If you like shopping and you have loads of money (lucky bastard!) then you should go to bloody SINGAPORE!
I was there last week for three days, all paid for by my kind employers who thought I was going there to work. At least that's what I told them. Technically, there was a bit of work being done, but that only took 1/2 a day. The rest of the time were spent on non-work activities, obviously.

Apparently right now Singapore is having their annual Great Singapore Sale, much like our own Karnival Beli Belah or something like that. But they have more stuff that I'd actually want to buy over there. I ended up RM 800 poorer by the end of my trip. I spent eight fucking hundred bucks in 3 days! And most of them are on clothes! I'm becoming a girl.

And they have HMV over there. It's been a long long while since I've been in one and when I stepped into the store, it felt really good. Comforting, even. Ok well HMV may not have all the CDs that I want, but they're not too bad. They have the decent stuff, if you look hard. Plus, I just couldn't tahan to see CDs priced at 19.99 and some at 15.99. Rasa cam nak beli semua!!

Before you start being a smart arse and say "Ala, kalau convert sama la harga dgn kat sini", I already know that. But psychologically the numbers 19.99 is much much lower than 49.90 and for that reason I bought 3 CDs. It seemed cheap. In terms of value, maybe I would save a bit more cash if I bought the CDs over here. Then again, maybe I couldn't find these CDs here. So you see, it's a complicated situation.

I wouldn't tell what CDs I bought cause it's a bit embarassing. Haha.

Conclusion: If you want to buy stuff (nice stuff some more, ah) go to Singapore. And bring lots of cash.

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Anonymous said...

yup..i love singapore too..used to be my neighbour..
very clean...
shopaholic heaven..

p/s hmm.. cds ape yg u beli anyway? ;p