I had the weekend plus a few more days to think about this. But in reality, I came up with this within an hour on Monday, my mind fuelled up with damn Vanilla Coke ( I hated it earlier, but then it grew on me). Plus, I'm a busy bloke on weekends so I wouldn't have much time anyways.

Ok, in my opinion and gut feeling, these are some top wankers in Malaysia.

Samser Sidhu
As Farock rightly predicted, I have in fact managed to "fit Samser Sidhu somewhere in there", yeah right smack on top, head of the class, mate! The bald headed guy from the Celcom ad and host of the God-awful TV show Fear Factor Malaysia is well and truly a wanker extraordinaire. Homeboy tries so so hard to look cool and has too much "gaya macam pukimak".

Khairy "KJ" Jamaludin
The man behind MyTeam. For someone who doesn't have a real job, he sure does appear on TV (and papers) way too much. Tosser. I can see right through his fake ass smile.

Jien (Football Crazy)
Maybe it's the HongKee hairstyle, maybe its the annoying high pitched voice, maybe its the pink shirts, I dunno. This is a dude that looks like he know's absolute nothing about football and yet we still have to endure his constant yapping about "EPL" week in and week out. He think he's cool. I think he's a poof.

Fazley penyanyi (and doktor & pengasas kolej)
For someone who's apparently well educated, it's amazing how he still is a wanker. He has a PhD and has his college for God's sake. Anyway, I always question people's motives when they set up these "celebrity college or anything charity-like". They always sound a bit dodgy. You can see this douche bag giving advice and motivasi for those poor Akademi Fantasia kids every week on Astro.

Poor 'ol Shebby. I was actually 50-50 on this one. I think everyone is familiar with our own "football pundit" here. And you should also be familiar with his wanker-ness. I don't need to proceed any further.

And that's all. Sure, there are a million more: Aznil Nawawi, Azwan Ali, Hazami, AC Mizal bla bla bla. But these guys at least aren't acting as if they're the hottest shit ever. Unlike the blokes above. So I've cut some slack, I guess.
And have you noticed that they're no female wankers? Is the term wanker limited to males? If yes, whats the female equivalent? Or is it really the case that there aren't any female "wankers"? Hmm... a question to ponder.

P/s: Where can I find the Seinfeld Theme mp3?


missmisery said...

Here's a tips for female wankers (if i my definition of wanker is right)...

Siti Nurhaliza
Paula Malai Ali
Marion Counter (is this right)
Yasmin Ahmad...

Explanation? i trust you will do a great job on that...

todek said...

I agree with Paula & Marion only. Siti is okay I reckon, while I don't know Yasmin Ahmad well enough to judge.

And oh, instead of "female wankers" a more appropriate term would be SLUTS.