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Lately I've been filling my time in my cubicle doing Sudoku. It's way better than staring into blank space. And you know what, Sudoku is not THAT easy!
I find myself struggling to fill up the numbers vertically & horizontally. Most of the time I use the crude method of trial and error or "main belasah cuba nasib" which usually works like this: Fill random numbers in random box followed by immediately erasing said number upon realising that it wouldn't work after I've filled up another box with yet another seemingly random number (..phew).
You can see a LOT of eraser marks on my Sudoku worksheet. Worse if it's on a newspaper. Kadang kadang sampai koyak.
There must be a better method than this. Filling up 9 horizontal & vertical lines randomly is hard, not to mention how much of a headache it is.
It was only today I realised that there's another little "rule" that I've missed.
Apparently, you have to fill the digits 1 to 9 in the nine 3 by 3 boxes as well.


Well... this certainly simplify things a bit.


maoi said...

cuba la main kat web.. takyah nak guna pemadam..


alfaizal said...

Even my mom is obsessed with sudoku.
We bought her a thick sudoku book to fill her time

Zarin@Beng said...

haha... apsal payah sgt nak jumpa kat kedai buku Sodoku book nih?

alamak todeq, jagn random, it uses a lot of deduction...

elementary my dear Todekkk

todek said...

Aku prefer good 'ol pen and paper dari web based sudoku. Baru la ada thrill sikit.

Haha.. elementary tu elementary la jugak, but still damn susah maa

Zarin@Beng said...

heheh... i'm not saying that its elementary stuff. Sorry if you've misunderstood that.

just that i'm quoting what Holmes used to say to Watson. Holmes usually solves crimes using deduction, i think. I'm just making that connection between 'deduction' and Holmes actually.

todek said...

Hmm.. who's this Holmes bloke? Is it famous? Does he want cheap Mercs?

todek said...

Damn, you know what.. you can't edit the comments... Bodoh!