Remember my Alleged Friend (AF), Mr. Know-it-All walking encyclopaedia, doesn’t know what is the Ashes despite “borak-borak pasal kriket kat pub ngan bebudak India”? Well, he’s back annoying the fuck out of me once more.

We were watching TV (it’s always in front of the TV, innit?) World Cup match: Togo v France.
4 people in the living room. Me, Friend 1(F1), Friend 2 (F2) & Alleged Friend (AF).

Match already started and its somewhere in the middle of the first half.
AF is sitting on the sofa with a laptop. He’s watching football while surfing the Net.

F1 : Adoi, France main macam sial. Boring gile game.

F2 : Come on la Togo. Useless betul France. Banyak player tua.

Me : France pakai player sama since World Cup ’98.

F1 : A’ah la.. sume dah tua dah. Zidane, Vieira, Henry, Thuram.

AF : Henry mana ade masa ’98. Aku tengok dulu, aku ingat.. Henry ni baru lagi.

Me : Oi Henry ada la masa ’98. Check kat Internet tu.

AF : (Degil)
Eh ade ke? Aku sure takde la. Belum masuk Arsenal pun lagi masa tu.
F1 : Lantak kau la.

F2 : (Ignoring the ongoing debate).. Come on Togo!!

AF : Go TOGO!!! Korang ni apsal sokong France? Togo la bagus. Player laju, power. Aku mmg dari dulu lagi support Togo.

F1 : Oh ye ke? Kalau camtu, ibu Negara Togo ape?

Me : Togo cakap bahasa ape?

F2 : Coach Togo ape nama?

Me : Togo kat mana?

AF : (in a dismissive tone) Ishhh….

Me : Oi check la kat Internet, kata support Togo. Ni asyik tengok porn je.

AF : (kinda pissed) Fuck you!

Me, F1 & F2 just laughed.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.i remember this af guy. with his mr-know-it-all attitude. Gila terkena.big time.. I wonder if he ever realized that he's been the limelight here.i guess the internet surfing was just another act of pretending.hehe