I'm Hornby.

Once again, I’m heavily inspired by High Fidelity, possibly the best book I’ve ever read, for this post. I thought that it would be interesting to list down all the bands, artistes, freaks, poseurs, etc. that I’ve been listening to all these years, in CHRONOLOGICAL order. Or at least close to chronological order, since I’m not sure if I can remember the exact sequence of ALL my musical adventures. It would still be cool to see how I went from Nirvana to The Clash to The Stooges to Jeff Buckley. Of course, there’ll be some downright embarrassing bands in the list as well but hey, cut me some slack, ok? I was young, dumb and easily influenced back then.

So here it goes.

* Green Day – Dookie
* Nirvana – all of them i.e Nevermind, In Utero, Unplugged
* Weezer – Blue album
* Bush – Razorblade Suitcase & Sixteen Stones
* Tonic
* Smashing Pumpkins
* Pearl Jam
* Silverchair
* Subculture
* Butterfingers
* Rage Against the Machine
* Powderfinger
* Smashing Pumpkins (again)
* Metallica
* Blink 182
* New Found Glory
* Simple Plan
* Sum 41
* Unwritten Law
* Vandals
* Jimmy Eat World
* Dashboard Confessional
* Get Up Kids
* Coldplay
* Travis
* Sarah McLachlan
* The Shins
* Pedro the Lion ( I think that’s the name)
* Far
* Finch
* Dropkick Murphys
* Misfits
* Ramones
* Danzig
* Sex Pistols
* Snoop Dogg
* Fugazi
* White Stripes
* Placebo
* The Smiths
* The Cure
* Pixies
* Alkaline Trio
* Built to Spill
* The Stooges
* Johnny Thunders
* Cave In
* Burning Brides
* Iron Maiden
* Led Zeppelin
* Rush
* The Clash
* Black Flag
* Bad Brains
* Placebo (again)
* Slint
* Ween
* The Good Life
* Broken Social Scene
* Neutral Milk Hotel
* Galaxie 500
* Explosions in the Sky
* Interpol
* Joy Division
* Bright Eyes
* Seven Collar T-Shirt
* Jeff Buckley
* Elliott Smith
* Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
* Pavement
* Replacements
* Weezer (again)
* Missy Higgins
* White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan

Yeah, so that’s about it. More or less. And according to this list, the last album that I listened to was White Stripes’ Get Behind Me Satan. That’s quite old. I don’t listen to any new stuff anymore. There are too many new bands to discover & I don’t have the time to listen to all of them and get disappointed (or pleasantly surprised?).


a m o y i e said...

please please please add Sigur Ros - Takk to the list

FaruqY said...

buku 'High Fidelity' tu pasal apa?

todek said...

Ahh. High Fidelity? It's lad lit. A bloke's tale. It's about music. It's about relationships. It's about indecision. How we act the way we act. About regrets. It's about having a girlfriend but still hoping that suddenly a girl who can argue the merits of why Sex Pistols is a legitamate band will show up.

And I'm not interested in Sigur Ros. I bet those hip TechTV guys listen to 'Ros. Not that there's anything wrong with that.