Hey hey it's Palace today

Well, well, well.
Comments are coming in ever so frequently nowadays. I probably need a better comment box than the standard issue one Blogger gives me. Which one's good?

Speaking of car stickers, I still say that Tuned by Razo is the most chav (or is it chavest?) of all.
Other notable mentions include:

New Zealand All Blacks; complete with the fern leaf and all.
West, placed across the top of the front windscreen
Blues Selamanya
Decals on the side, on a Proton Iswara.
Vodafone (?).
Type-R, Nismo, Ralliart on Kancils.
Hitz.fm car sticker (obviously a yuppie)
Transformers logo (it was cool for a while until everyone and their cousins had them)
Official Mafia's Car

Any more?


FaruqY said...

Manure punye sticker banyak jugak kot?

Shit man how could we have lost against Palace?!!

Am losing faith in Crouch

todek said...

Crouchie is one tall wussy.

pyanski said...

My karma ran over my dogma

zaha said...

supposedly to be one top japanese university, heh!

alfaizal said...

'Sex instructor, first lesson free'. Tampal belakang boss akunye Altiz