Updates of sorts

So here's some more info on Nik's wedding. Read the special message below.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Kawan-kawan yang dirindui sekalian,

Insya Allah pada 20 Ogos 2005 ini saya, Nik
Syahrim bin Nik Anwar akan diijabkabulkan dengan
Nur Shahida binti Tajudin. Majlis akan berlangsung
di Kulim, Kedah (Sabtu, 20.08) dan di Kota Bharu
(Sabtu, 27.08).
Dengan sukacita dan hormatnya saya menjemput
kawan-kawan sekalian ke majlis ini.
Sila berikan alamat anda ataupun emel supaya kad
jemputan boleh disampaikan.
Semoga dengan kehadiran anda semua akan
mengembalikan kenangan manis kita di kolej dulu,
disamping mengeratkan lagi persaudaraan kita.

Sehingga bertemu di sana;

Yang benar;
Nik Syahrim bin Nik Anwar
Ahmad House 9498
University of Applied Science Heilbronn
email: niksyahrim@hotmail.com
Tel: +49179 792 4555 (Deutschland)
: 013-9008304 (Malaysia, hanya selepas 27.July 05!)

Ok that's done.

Whatever you plan to do this weekend, just don't go and watch Seven Swords. It's really really fucking stupid. And its nearly 2 1/2 hours long. That's bloody long for a stupid movie. But if you insist, for whatever reason I'll give you a bit of a summary of the good bits. And there's not a lot of them.

This movie has a lot of horny old school Ming Dynasty Kung Fu practising farmers. This one dude just can't keep his dick in his pants and tries to screw around with his girlfriend inside the bangsal. Girl says "Me no love you". Bloke gets all emo and starts becoming mentally unstable. Do we really need this scene in the movie? I bet it was put as filler material to make it longer.

There's another horny bloke who looks the same as the first horny bloke who; after a hard fought battle, takes home a Korean girl back to his place (as a souvenir, I guess). After some pretty freaky and quite strange foreplay, they finally get it on in a cave. But we don't get to see the "getting on" but after the rape style foreplays I think it was for the good of everyone that they cut that scene off. The movie is long enough already.

But its not all sex in this movie. There's sword fighting scenes as well. After all, it is (supposedly) based on a legendary Chinese warrior tale of some sort. So we get fight scenes, where the 7 swordsmen can kill off a million bad guys. Yes, they're that good. But the movie drags on and on and gets longer because these blokes need a bit of time to beat the hell out of 1,000,000 pathetic low rank guards. At the end of the day, we get a lot of dead Chinese people lying around.

In between the horniness and fights, theres a few parts that I really didn't get. I really could not make sense of any of these scenes. It seems like they were random ideas put in by the make-up person or tealady or whoever the fuck wants to put it in. There's a scene where they released some horses but then this one horse came running back, refusing the freedom given to it? There's another scene where they found a super special sword but we get to see a glimpse of it and that was the end of that story. All the good guys look the same and it gets bloody confusing to identify which one is which. And, oh did I mention that the movie is really long?

So in summary, this movie is perfect if you want to see some Chinese farmers living on the mountains, cause they look great. And goats too. They keep a lot of goats on the mountains.

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