Where can I get some help around here?
Yes, sir. How can I help you.
Well. Firstly, fuck you for being bloody late attending me. And second of all, do you have that guy's new CD?
Which guy?
Ahh, the shaven head one. The girls like him. He's skinny. He's into drugs, I guess.
Jamal Abdillah? Yeah, that dudes cool with the ladies. And some guys too, bro. Been in and out of jail but still DA MAN!
Right on. But he's not the dude who's CD I'm looking for dude.
Why not?
Then? Who the hell you looking for?
CD, Asshole.
Well, we do have this new guy from that Malay show Akademi Fantasia.
Mawi? World yo yo yo, fuck yeah.
Yes that's what I was looking for. I like.
Wanker? No. That dude in the Celcom ad is a wanker.
Which bloke dude mate?
This bigass huge motherfucker. Shaven head. Wears nice looking designer shirt with the top button unbottoned.
Top button unbottoned. Sounds weird dude-bro.
You know the ad where he scrolls across the screen with that dumb retarded smile thinking he DA MAN!
Jamal is DA MAN! Not this wanker dude-bro, eh?
No-siree bob.
Yeah I know that bigass m/f. Fuck him.
Yeah fuck him.
No, I mean fuck him.
You go and fuck him.
In the arse.
Where's my CD?
In the arse. Make sure it's done, bro.


Ash2k said...

that was one retarded convo.

Soffy O said...

I just liked reading your page and wanted to say so!
I'll visit it again.