Driving a slow car

I'm used to getting flashed at........by a fast moving car. (What did you think I meant? Perverts). I drive at 120 km/h on the outside lane on highways and getting flashed at by speeding BMWs, Perdanas & even Tuned-by-Razo Kancils is something that I'm accustomed to. It's something that I expect even.

And I don't mind. I realise my 3-speed Wira SE can't be pushed beyond 120 km/h, for I fear the terrifying noise that developed at 4500 rpm would turn catastrophic beyond 5000. So I let them pass. Even the Kancils, begrudgingly.

What pisses me off is when Singaporean cars flash the fuck out of me. I just can't take being harassed and tailgated by a foreign assclown in my own country. That's humiliating. And disrespectful.

It's like allowing a salesman into your house, let him show you his product catalog and suddenly then he takes over your Astro remote and switches the channel to Wah Lai Toi.

When flashed by Singaporean cars, I try my best to ignore them. I bravely push my Wira beyond the pathetic speed of 120 km/h, looking ridiculous trying to fend off a 180 km/h Camry. I laugh sinisterly as my eyes start to blind from the flicker of lights behind me.

Yeah. Take that, bitch.

Ah, pening kepala.....


Zarin@Beng said...

maybe it's time to change to a more economical car. 120kmh at 4500??? it's too much dude. you sure aaa? Yah i know it's 3 speed.

always got flashed when driving back to Johor. i'm okay with that. what i can't stand is when 2 or 3 RX7 and Impreza flashing and weaving through all 3 lanes endangering themselves and other people life. You don't know to go to which lane when you see the cars from your left and right side mirror.

todek said...

Maybe its 4000 rpm. But yeah, it's VERY uneconomical.

anas said...

ok la tu, at least you gave way. more annoying is the slow cars hogging the fast lane.

alfaizal said...

Apa2 pun move over when a yellow swift sport cucuk ok. It wont flash, it will only stick to you like its been UHUed to your rear.

todek said...

Haha. Kereta pun dah colour UHU glue.