During our student days in Sydney, my housemates and I used to do embarrassing things.

One of them is bringing home supermarket trolleys.
We'd go to our local Coles on Friday or Saturday nights, load up a week's worth of groceries into a trolley and then pushed the bloody thing for one and a half miles back to our house.
We looked stupid, pushing trolleys filled with cereal, milk, eggs, bread, fruits, Coke, candy, fish fillets, etc.

But we didn't care because the journey home was always fun. While some people bond over camping or fishing trips, the Morjon household bonded over trolley-pushing. We'd all kutuk-mengutuk some poor innocent sod that we know or act as complete idiots & start singing jiwang Malay songs (hey, we were Malay students in a foreign land... sometimes we miss corny shit).
That made the half-hour trolley-pushing journey seem so much shorter.

After unloading all our groceries, we'd leave the empty trolley by the kerb in front of our house. By the next morning, the trolley would be gone. I guess Coles hires people to collect "stray" trolleys.

Strangely, here in KL, I have never seen students (or anyone for that matter) pushing trolleys back home.
I've concluded that it's because either:
a) Local students are rich and can afford cars to carry their groceries, OR
b) Local students don't cook


Zarin@Beng said...

hmmm... maybe Coles put a GPS transponder on the 'stray' trolleys. Thank God your not involve in 'melapah' any of these trolleys.

farock said...
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farock said...

hahahaha. aku terkenang. dah la bising gila babi bunyi trolley tu. aku sanggup angkat guna plastic bag. tapi sebab beli morjon banyak sangat terpaksa angkut dgn trolley gak.

aku boleh recall satu topic asas untuk mengutuk - skuad tani. fadol jadi liaison officer. wiken je mesti gi camping hahaha. takpun jungle trekking