And Kuyt scores...

At your typical hypermarket...

Salesman: Abang, you sudah ada credit card maa? Visa, Master & Amex suma boleh lor.

Abang: Saya mau beli sayur la, brader.

Salesman: Sudah ada credit card belum? Banyak bagus, boleh collect points, masuk contest boleh pergi Beijing yo!

Abang: White rabbit ada racun. Mana boleh makan lor.

Salesman: Oh. Tidak apa meh. Can masuk contest menang BMW. This credit card ah, so very very good. Can pay at internet! People nowadays need credit card. If you don't have credit card u rugi. How u want to pay for your shopping, these two trolleys? U nak bawak cash banyak banyak? Nanti kena rompak.. baru u tau. Everyone now have credit card, sudah jadi macam itu keperluan, meh.

Abang: Ahem. Ahem. Ohh. Keperluan? Do you really think its wise of me to get involved in another financial transaction, especially now when the economy is on the brink of collapsing? With the US economy nearly destroyed, it will be just a matter of time before Malaysia suffers the same fate. Banks are going bankrupt by the minute and there's no sign of it getting any better any time soon. What happens if I lose my money? AIG pun dah collapse, Lehman lagi la teruk. What can you offer me? Credit card ni bagus sangat ke?

Salesman: Banyak bagus lor. Tak payah bayar annual fee maa!!


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Anonymous said...

haha they've been programmed to say the same things every time they approach potential clients. rimas aku nak layan.