Insane queue

Just like any typical kiasu Malaysian, I too ended up being stuck in a ridiculously long (and quite pointless, really) jam to fill up my car up to the brim with 1.92/litre petrol.

And I wasted 1 1/2 hours of my life doing this. Unsurprisingly, nearly a million people did the same thing.

How much can you save, really?


Zarin@Beng said...

how much too did you burn your petrol to queue for 1 hour ++...
and also suffer constant high blood pressure doing that.


Anonymous said...

itu la pasal. aku rasa ada la dapat save dalam rm30. tapi masa tunggu tu minyak ilang jugak! aku tengok queue panjang, terus balik tidor. tak kose i nak beratur panjang lama-lama.

todek said...

Lets do some maths.
Full tank approximately 40 litres.

At RM 1.92;
full tank = 40 * RM 1.92 = RM 76.80

At RM 2.70;
full tank = 40 * RM 2.70 = RM 108

Difference = RM 31.20

Banyak gila tu. Boleh makan nasi kandar 5 hari.

But then again, nasi kandar prices will surely go up jugak.

Anonymous said...

lets kayuh basikal!