March post

Harry Connick's real cool.
Sharply dressed in an impeccably smart suit, he can charm his way out of anything.
And he can sing a bit too.

March is when F1 starts. I'm excited.
March is also when mengundi starts. I'm not as excited.

Since I'm an ignorant idiot who didn't even bother to register, I guess I'll just have to be happy with another term of Pak Lah's sleeping-troughout-meeting, corridor bullshitting and KJ's ass kissing antics.

And oh, thanks for all the comments. It really inspired me to blog again. I just can't thank you all enough for the amazing support you've given.


genie said...

i reckon ppl stopped commenting after they discovered that u r a typical emotional sappy boy... tu la sapa suroh blog pasal u love ur fiancee?! that's very uncool u know.. :p

todek said...

Yeah. The fiancee post really damaged my reputation as a "cool" bloke.

anas said...

ko tak register ke? aku pun tak register tapi bila check kat spr nama aku ada...cuba ko check mana tau ada org "baik hati" tlg register nama ko.

type "spr(space)(ic no)" send to 39988.