Orang Tua Terasa

It's weird that the older you get, the quicker you terasa.
Even innocuous, harmless things people say or do will upset you.
The mood swing then kicks in, although you know that it's ridiculous to get upset over simple & trivial things.

That's why I don't like to write about personal things in my blog.
I don't enjoy reading posts that are a bit too emotional either.
It gets too personal & more often than not it will upset you.
The reaction after reading one of these emo posts would either be "I don't want to know this" or "I only found this out through the Internet?".
Neither is good.


adi said...

hmm, i hope it ain't related to you getting married.

Anyway, just to share a piece of my own experience, at times, talking to my own mum is a challenge in itself coz putting forward my ideas with my own expression in putting forward the idea would easily make her terasa.

Weird, you want to share but sharing is making her terasa. pelik...

genie said...

adi,in this context the orang tua is him. (sorry hun, i had to break that to adi on your behalf).
and what the hell happened to no comments pls :p

todek said...

Gee, thanks for disclosing some inside info, sweetie! ;p

Anyhow, Adi.. even though your comment is way out of context, your experience in dealing with your mum is eerily similar to mine. In the end, I just gave up trying to propose ideas to her, especially in all these kahwin kahwin stuff.
Haha, you should know what I'm saying.