Mighty morphing plastic voters

I read an interview with the EC Secretary in the Sunday Times.
He was asked a range of questions about the upcoming election, i.e. voter registration, indelible ink, etc.

The interviewer then questioned him about allegations of phantom voters in a few voting areas.
He vehemently denied such allegations. And to prove his point, he gave an example.

EC Secretary
In Pengkalan Pasir, there was even a claim that people could transform themselves into little plastic men and go through small holes to vote. That's what PAS claimed.

Did you investigate it?


Damn, that's bloody hilarious. I'm not sure how the NST bloke can keep a straight face when he asked that question.

Plus, if I can transform myself into a little plastic man, I wouldn't waste my time to cheat votes. There are so many other evil stuff I can do.

PAS surely can't be serious. Come on. We know they're all spiritual and stuff (I wanted to use shit instead of stuff but I'm afraid some idiot would say I said PAS is shit), but this is too ridiculous.

Hey.. maybe these little morphing plastic voters can be on Who Wants To Be A Superhero; by far the most bizzare and stupid reality show ever.

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