I'm not a big fan of Nazri Aziz. He looks a bit "un-smart". Same goes to Zainudin Maidin, Said MP Jasin, MP Jerai and all those other wankers.
I was about to add Khir Toyo to the list but then he scored MAJOR points by handing out brooms to idiots. So he's cool. For now.

And oh, corridors are getting old already. Plus, they don't sound very intelligent in the first place pun.


adi said...

one thing RTM did right for all these years was to air the interview between Al Jazeera & Zam. It was prime time news pulak tu! Great, woohoo!

It showed the world what a fool he is and how emotional he is when confronted with subject which he is just not capable of answering as a Minister. Shame on him!

faruqy said...

Nazri was very arrogant and ignorant the other day in his interview in the NST the other day, when he said that the voice of the minority is not important, and that only the majority calls all the shots. that's crap.

weih I can assure you that khir is super cool! have been in a few meetings with him, and he's someone who would not tolerate stupid excuses for failing to deliver.