Gossip Melayu

I'm not a fan of local artis Melayu news but since I AM Malay, I guess I have to care a bit.
Did you hear about the nasty love triangle between Erra, Hans and that nerdy speccy Harry Potter bloke? It's all a big mess I reckon, but I have to say, Erra is quite the PLAYER! She's such a heartbreaker!

I suppose if you think you're so bloody hot, then you can get away with anything.

Hey, I'm not going to get arrested for this, am I?


alfaizal said...

No la bro.Gossip melayu is totally ok. A lot of people will be surprise by my own knowledge of artis melayu.

todek said...

I know. You probably watch AC Di Sini every week!! Hahaha