Good Luck

Nervous about the match against Milan. I don't think the miracle of Istanbul could ever happen again. And I really don't want to listen to Shebby's non-sensical bullshit. Pundit, my arse.

I hope Kewell plays. I know he's a bit of a poof (especially when he had the God-awful pony tail) but I have a soft spot for Harry. Just don't play him from the start. He'll break a leg or sprain an ankle or something.

On his day, and they're becoming extremely rare nowadays, Kewell could be mesmerising. He might not have the super lightning quick stepovers ala Ronaldo, but his overall movement, pass and touch just oozes class. And he has a decent left foot too.

Rafa seems to have faith in Kewell. Hope he's right.


evy g said...

team awak kalah la. harap awak tak sedih sgt. if u want, i can juggle to cheer u up ??? or i can make voices ??? which would it be? or i could do both. simultaneously. but i surely cannot play football. actually i can. i just prefer not to ;) m writing crap. pls ignore me.

todek said...

Awak? Really?
I'm already over the fact that we lost. We weren't good enough, it's as simple as that.
But if you insist, the juggling + funny voice combo doesn't seem bad at all. I'm sure that'll cheer me up even more.
And remember, you'll never walk alone. ;)

faruqy said...

hope we make some world-class signings this summer.. kaka would be my prime transfer target, but I'd think that rafa would have to spend his entire transfer budget just to get the brazilian magician.. and I doubt kaka would want to move to the Premiership!