Why do people in epic warrior gladiator movies (Gladiator, Troy) or fantasy films (Lord of the Rings) ALWAYS have British accents?


Ladydin said...

ALWAYS? Aragorn son of Arathorn did not have British accent. Neither did Gimli.

farock said...

its the hollywood way of distinguishing foreign characters from american ones. for authenticity you could have foreign characters speaking their own language but its inconvenient. i for one cant be arsed going thru 3 hours of subtitles had gladiator been filmed in latin.

or you could have these characters speaking english with a foreign accent. that doesnt work all the time. you wouldnt want a ruthless nazi commander to go "iz gud jaa?" in a war movie would you? he'd be seriously lacking in criminal credibility. so an english accent seems a safer bet.

as for aragorn, whatshisface is swedish or something, he couldnt fake a proper english accent

adi said...

Jar Jar Binks did use proper English pun?

By the way, saja je that they use British accent to tell the world that they were once the greatest empire in the universe. Used to be.

todek said...

Take it easy, bro.
We need another round of satay, I reckon. Shaw bayar!

fantasy freak said...

logik laa... US is only 300 years old. Australia is only 300 years old.

That old british accent has been around since 700 AD and hardly changed over the years.

So kalau dah buat cerita zaman2 tu, kena la trace to the version that's closest to the reality - so mcm mana pun hv to go back to british accent.

And gimli speaks welsh accent la, kira british la tu. aragorn coz the original actor cast for the role (stuart townsend, an irishman which very deep british accent) hd to be ditched last minute coz they thought he was 2 young for aragorn (aragorn was 200 years old plus!) so they hd to settle for virgo, whose tongue is really hopeless for british accent.

yeap i'm quite a freak

todek said...

Yeah, let's play Dungeons & Dragons together.