A Sports Update

Formula 1 season is back. Kimi won the race in Melbourne on his Ferrari debut, and Hamilton impressed with an excellent podium finish. As for my BMWs, Heidfeld did well to get 4th, although I expected at least third, while Kubica was unlucky to retire early.
And apparently Singapore wants a race too. Fuck off. No way. Just imagine how it would affect the crowd turnout in Sepang if this goes ahead.

Liverpool, despite being in the quarter finals of the Champions League, look very ordinary lately. The last match against Aston Villa was absolutely dreadful. Need to improve, lads.

Malaysia's Olympic team were beaten at home by Japan, as expected. Never really thought we'd win, but I stayed on and watched the game until the end, enduring the frustratingly inconsistent showing by our boys. But at least our solitary goal was well taken.

And my third football team, Kedah, is doing really well in both the league and Malaysia Cup competitions. I really rate this team highly and what's more impressive is the fact that they have so many youngsters playing.

Didn't really have the chance to watch the Six Nations properly. So, no comment.

Ditto for the cricket. Apparently Astro is charging a fortune to subscribe to the Pay per Views. Damn.


pyanski said...

dude, nothing on our new badminton men's doubles superheroes (koo and tan)? they've been kickin' some asses lately man.

kedah used to be my 3rd favorite team (after selangor and KL) in the early nineties. zaman radhi mat din, ahmad sobri, mohamad ramli, lee kin hong, norazam ishak, eric amsler, rincic brastilav, peter niketien, tibor szaban dan sampailah ke faridzuan che hamid who unfortunately decided to take some under-the-table money and got caught.

how come the malaysia cup has started while the league is still running, eh?

todek said...

Not a big fan of badminton or squash, but well done nonetheless to koo-tan and nicol.

Kedah so fucking rules, my friend. They wear the same strip as Brazil. Enough said. Haha.

Radhi Mat Din, Lee Kin Hong, Norazam Ishak - Legends!

faruqy said...

pyan, the malaysia's cup already started because malaysia will be co-hosting the asian cup this year.

speaking of the asian cup, honestly how do you guys think we would fare?

pyanski said...

hmm... we are going to play against China, Iran and Uzbekistan in the group stage. so, yeah, unless we can get guus hiddink to come and work his magic, no chance at all. very sad indeed.

farock said...

icc world cup update
the irish (!)sent the akhtar-less pakis packing home
bangla knocked out india
one of the south africans hit 6 sixers in 1 over. i dunno whether they've comeup with a slang for that yet. altho it was against the dutch and the small west indian ovals certainly helped
whatever it is i cant stand watching ricky ponting on the telly every night so someone better knock the aussies out. my money's on new zealand

adi said...

Liverp(f)ools, by far, in Champs League is Man Utd's biggest threat to their Treble.

I think I'll fancy for another Treble on the plate for Man Utd.

faruqy said...

pyanski: i think we'll be the worst-faring host ever in the history of the asian cup! tsk tsk pessimism pessimism..

adi: i back rafa and his players to derail your treble plans!