Guilty Pleasures

I am now listening to Gin Blossoms! One of the best guilty pleasures ever. How can "'Till I hear it from you" not remind you of Empire Records? Its so '90s.


Well, here's an observation to ponder upon:

The more you promote things to me, the more unappealing it becomes. In short, the best way to sell me stuff is by not telling me about it. Weird? It works for me.

Digi has ads everywhere. I can't read a newspaper without coming across a Digi ad, nor can I watch TV without having to put up with a Digi ad. Digi always seem to have something that they'd like to promote - either cheap call rates, wide coverage, colourful SMS, funky ringtones, whatever. They even had people dress up as yellow aliens for God's sake, all in the name of marketing. To me, it's overkill and really bloody annoying. They try too hard.
Thats why I use Maxis. They don't try to shove everything right up my arse.

Another example would be Toyota and Honda ads. While not as annoying as Digi, they tend to appear in the papers quite a lot too. In any case, the ads are usually dull and uninteresting, and most irritating is that sometimes they don't even promote the car at all, advertising the fact that you get 1.7652% (or something like that) interest rate instead. What the fuck? Again, trying a bit too hard.
That's why I'd probably buy a Mazda. Still Japanese, but they don't seem as desperate.

Sounds kinda stupid, but apparently I choose services and purchase products out of spite.
Bodoh jugak la sebenarnya.


Evy G said...

Has anyone told u that ur entry titles dont usually add up to the entry itself?

This is a classic example if one is to ignore the couple of introductory lines.. Is it supposed to be cool? And assuredly it's not cute either >))P

Anyway, the yellow Digi onch-sters are adorable.. ahahaha! annoying but laughable annoying, which is OK I guess!

Talking abt phonelines, my celcom bill this month is 358. @#$%&^*!! Bloody Hell! I think we know why la kan?? But I prefer Celcom any day, dont want to enrich Ananda Krishnan further plus Maxis is a bit of a snob! I'm serious!

ciki engineeR said...

i don't like those yellow Digi toyols.they freak me out.

and i am disgusted by their latest ad where the yellow toyol is in the bedroom of some newlyweds.

those yellow toyol is damn right annoying. i secretly wish i can cekik them if i ever encounter them in real life

faruqy said...

haha ciki, i came across a couple of them at klcc a few weeks back!

todek said...

Evy G:
Well, actually I've pointed this out already previously. Just do a bit of research on my archive, and I'm sure you'll find that I once said that the title of most of my posts does not match its content.

And definitely its not intended to be even remotely cute. I can assure you that.

Digi toyols are disturbing, just like that gay Teletubby.

todek said...

Sorry about the grammatical errors in my previous comment.

ciki engineeR said...

gay teletubby? i never knew!.ha ha..now that explains why i always found them creepy.

alfaizal said...

Luv them yellow toyols.
The ads about roaming is hillarious.

My guilty pleasure was 'Felicity'
Hah.Beat that!

todek said...

Cerita yg never ending drama.

faruqy said...

i think one of my worst guilty pleasure EVER is listening to B*witched! haha

Ladydin said...

Evy g, the subject is just supposed to mislead you, if it has any purpose at all, and not necessary say exactly what it means. its just one of the best things about blogging... and no one will take you seriously anyway. except when some minister say some nasty stuff...

Anonymous said...

hey, felicity wasn't that bad.

dazed said...

Ben or Noel? Ben or Noel? Ben or Noel? Like, duh. Ben is way hotter. Aaah...those were the days, skiving lectures and waking up just in time for the 2 pm Felicity rerun on Channel 7. Heh.

todek said...

Haha. Another Felicity fan.
Help me out here.
How did the show end?
Who did she choose?

And how did my entry about Digi end up with me talking about bloody Felicity?

Anonymous said...

al faizal brought the felicity in. hehe. ben.
but the show ended . dont know why