It's becoming increasingly annoying when every time uncles. aunts, grandparents, granduncles, grandaunts - relatives.. come and visit, they will inevitably turn to me and ask the dreaded question : Bila nak kahwin?

And even more irritating is that my mum's eyes would immediately light up upon hearing this, and she'd wait intently for my reply - seizing the opportunity, letting the distant relatives do the dirty work of asking the awkward question.
My standard answer would be : Ntah. I don't know. Tak tau la. And honestly, that IS the truth.

But lately, the relatives have become more persistent and hard to please. I've been bombarded with the same question over and over again - my standard, non-committal answer is no longer deemed good enough for them. And their flawed logic is probably something like this : Ask the same question over and over and over long enough - you'll get the right answer.

Obviously, I've grown tired of all this. So I decided to be a bit creative in replying them. Now, every time someone asks me "Bila nak kahwin?", my answer would be one of the following:

1. Why? You want to pay for it ke?
2. Esok.
3. Lepas Rancangan Malaysia ke-9.
4. Is that a trick question?

5. When Schumacher makes a comeback.
6. That's a good question. Can I get back to you later?
7. Ask my mother.

I usually get confused looks from them upon hearing my reply. I'm not being kurang ajar or anything, it's just a little bit of fun - messing with people's head. It's probably not THAT funny pun and maybe syok sendiri je.


ciki engineeR said...

i guess it's the same situation for many singles at our age.kemungkinannye kaki2 sibuk tersebut jelous to see that some people are perhaps happy even if they don't get married.

anyway i think answering creatively helps. it pissed those buggers a bit, and let u have a bit of fun.the more ridiculous the answer the better u'll enjoy it. i do that all the time now. i enjoy the pissed off look left on their faces after getting my answer.priceless.

Ladydin said...

Welcome to the club. I get that a lot too. And 'Esok' is the most overstated answer. Usually I just avoid family gathering to avoid getting sakit hati.